Sharon Dzialo is perhaps Portland's best-kept secret.

Finally – I have gone to the moon and back trying to find solutions to my problematic skin and only until I met Sharon have I found something that works. It is an affordable and painless solution that doesn't put your health at risk like so many other acne solutions (aka antibiotics and accutane). If you feel like you have tried everything without avail, I recommend visiting Sharon. You will be amazed with the results!

"Now here I am nearly 60 and looking younger than ever!"

“A miracle! – Now here I am nearly 60 and looking younger than ever! I see Sharon every month without fail. Sharon is a miracle worker and her products are magical. I urge anyone with any sort of problem skin to get in to see Sharon ASAP. Especially young people who are bombarded with all the dreadful acne products on the market – it will just worsen the problem, whether it’s a form of acne or just the occasional breakout. Or heck, even those lucky folks who simply battling aging – she has a solution for everyone.”



" ...cystic acne is practically gone!"

My 17 year old daughter has been using Sharon’s products since September with regular facials and her cystic acne is practically gone!!! For over 4 years she has seen estheticians, naturopaths, top dermatologists (where she had PDT using levulan costing over $1800)…she even tried accupuncture! NOTHING worked (in fact her acne worsened) until my daughter miraculously found Dzialo Skin care by searching the web. The products are not harsh and none contain exfoliants. So with this said after her facials there is practically no down time. I so wished Sharon’s knowledge could be utilized in all medical schools. I even go for facials and my skin of 54 years is also glowing…



"I see myself in a totally different way."

Now, when I look into a mirror, I see myself in a totally different way. I don’t feel terrible anymore when I see my skin and I am not afraid to walk out of the door make-up-free. Since I’ve been coming to Sharon for facials, my skin has become incomparable to how it had been. It is now very soft and I have gotten my healthy coloring back. My once-huge pores have shrunk and my skin has become smooth. My acne has gone away and I know, since I am on the right path of skincare, my acne won’t return. Sharon has saved my skin, plain and simple.



Changing people’s lives is a very rewarding experience. From mutual commitment and connection we create positive and lasting relationships. The key ingredient to my success has certainly been persistence. I never Never give up. Over the years, my clients have come to trust this quality in me, and we have mutually benefited from it. With an industry so focused on treating the symptoms of skin problems, it took me many years to master my work. But with the loyalty and trust of my clients, I have nailed it! Thank you to everyone who has continued to support me for over 30 years.

More From Our Clients

 Sharon Dzialo is perhaps Portland’s best-kept secret. Three years ago, I discovered her through a friend, and have been a “regular” since. I have treated several friends and family members to Sharon’s exquisite services and they all rave about her now. She is very knowledgeable and professional, and with her help, I was able to turn my complexion from breakouts to being clear and radiant. Highly recommended!


I’ve never had acne in life but got it about 3 years ago. My cousin took me to Ulta and bought me a bunch of expensive products to get rid of my acne. It didn’t work and made it even worse. I then went to a dermatologist and they prescribed me medication etc. I understand it gets worse before better. But they gave me bunch of bull. Made it even worse. I lost hope, and was over skin care. My friend told me about Dzalio skin care and I was skeptical but after his face gotten better I gave it a shot. She broke down why my face was breaking, prescribed what I needed to do and was extremely patient with me. My severe acne has cleared within 3 months!! I’m extremely grateful and I highly recommend all my friends and everyone to go to DZIALO Skin Care!!!


Sharon Dzialo transformed my skin and I truly can’t thank her enough. I went in to see her after I had been struggling with a sudden onset of acne right after moving to Portland. I had not had acne since I was in high school, and that was nothing compared to how irritated and inflamed my skin was when I called Sharon. I had thought that phase was over in my life and it was a huge challenge for me and my confidence having acne in my late 20s. I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror anymore and it felt like my beautiful skin was ruined. I tried every kind of mask and method I could find in a desperate attempt to clear my skin and I just ended up making my skin worse. I finally had enough and knew I needed help and that’s when I found Sharon online. I read through every single one of her raving reviews and was blown away. She absolutely deserves every single one of those 5 star reviews. Sharon is such a delightful person and she knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to skincare. With her facials, her simple yet effective tips, and her wonderfully uncomplicated and straightforward products, my skin looks more beautiful now than it did before the acne. It’s been about a year since I began seeing Sharon and I am so beyond happy with the results. Sharon taught me that even though it is a slow and steady process to heal the damage, with her facials and a commitment to doing the steps she advises, you truly can transform your skin! I can’t recommend Sharon’s facials and products enough. She is a master in her craft!


Sharon genuinely cares about her clients’ needs and goes out of her way to see that those needs are met. She designs and recommends a customized skin care approach for her clients and then educates her clients so that they can care for the skin between visits.


 I can’t emphasize enough how impressed I am with her holisitic approach, focus on healing, and lack of product pushing. Sharon talks about how your skin can heal with the right treatment; she does not talk about how one must purchase 5 products from her to fix skin problems. Sharon is indeed unique in this field, and she should be respected for her approach and genuine concern for the health of others. I highly recommend booking a facial, which is very reasonably priced, especially given the advice you will get. Sharon is a gem.


A gift to all who are searching for healthy, beautiful, radiant skin – If you are struggling with a skin issue and haven’t found answers anywhere else, you owe it to yourself to visit Sharon…I have dealt with acne, dehydration, inflamed and irritated skin since i was in jr. high, and it has vastly affected my life in so many ways, and have tried numerous things, seen many estheticians, tried many skin care lines, literally burned the skin on my face with acids and exfoliants and microderm, spent hundreds of dollars, and finally from Sharon i received advice that literally made me tear up with appreciation because it made so much sense. It has been just 6 days from my facial with her and i’ve been following her advice and already seeing vast improvement in my skin, that is ridiculously fast to be seeing results. My skin is healing because it is now able to do so.


21 Years – I have been coming to Sharon for facials for 21 years. Her knowledge is extensive and most definitely gets results. Through the years I have always received compliments on my skin because of Sharon’s approach to skincare and her method.


As someone who has had breakouts since teen years, went through accutane, and afterwards had dry skin, persistent breakouts, and dull uneven textured skin, I ABSOLUTELY recommend Dzialo skincare! Not only have my breakouts subsided, but my skin is hydrated and supple like never before and my dark marks are fading. Previous to this, I tried so many products and nothing seemed to go well with my skin. I began researching skincare places in Portland and came across Dzialo on Google and decided to try the products. I’ve been using the trevi cleanser, convertissimi serum, and puro cream for three months and my skin has changed dramatically. I go in for facials twice a month and each time my skin feels nourished. I am amazed by the progress my skin has seen. Sharon is so detailed in explaining how skin damage/acne occurs and how each product works to heal the skin. She has put a lot of time and research into creating products that literally feel like butter on the skin and work to rejuvenate and heal the skin from within. They are worth every penny. When going in for facials, you will notice how gentle she is on your skin. Even with extractions, she takes care to not damage the skin. She is just incredible. To anyone who is skeptical, I recommend trying the sample kit of Dzialo products and seeing for yourself!


Wow, it is hard to believe I have been having facials and using products from Dzialo Skin Care for 5 years! Sharon’s philosophy and product line have evened out my skin tone, reduced lines and breakouts, and have helped me love my skin – despite its imperfections. Dzialo Skin Care itself just had a makeover; the updated facial rooms and art gallery are beautifully decorated, spacious and light – a bit like spending an hour in Italy! Thank you Sharon for your outstanding skin care knowledge and products, and the gorgeous treatment space. I started having facials with Sharon/Dzialo 3 months ago and am so pleased with the results. Thanks to Sharon’s philosophy, knowledge and amazing products I have a new mental outlook/emotional relationship with my own skin. I’ve seen lots of dermatologists, purchased hundreds of dollars worth of products over the years and am so happy to have finally found the answer. Thank you Sharon!


I shudder to think what my skin would be like if I hadn’t found Sharon. My skin had been damaged, dehydrated, and irritated from several years of intensive so-called “acne-solving” treatments like micro-dermabrasion and chemical peels, which had turned my skin condition from minor teenage acne to a red, bumpy nightmare. I didn’t have faith that I could find a way to heal my skin until I came to Sharon. 


I was diligently getting facials with Sharon for over twelve years with fantastic results. Moved to Seattle area and have not been back for years.

I’m now in Portland to care for my daughter following her major surgery and forgot my skincare products. I remembered Sharon and quickly got an appointment. Following my facial, my skin is invigorated. Sharon is the master with so much knowledge to share with her clients. We talked about my skin, she gave me constructive feedback and I left feeling like I had not only a great facial but with crucial knowledge about my skincare. Thank you Sharon.


Sharon’s facials are a truly relaxing treat, and I am absolutely convinced of the science behind her approach to skincare. If you are sick of finding coverups and false “solutions” to your skin problems, there is an alternative.


I never have any facials here in US when I moved here from the Philippines last 2014 because I’m afraid that the next day after facials my skin will get irritated or will turn to red. Last month my partner and I start looking for house to purchase and start our future. I taught getting a house is easy but geez when your already on the situation it’s crazy. I got pimples everywhere because of stress. I told my partner I need to pamper and have some peace of mind. I’m playing on my laptop and looking for a good place to go for facial then Dzialo Skin Care pop up. I look for reviews how clients satisfied for the results of their treatments I was literally amazed with everything that’s why I email Sharon right away and got book with my appointment. This is only my first time to visit her but after my facial the second day I don’t have any redness on my face. I was shocked. I still have spots but I know it will take time. Now I’m not afraid anymore going out without any foundation or concealer. I already have a confidence to myself self how beautiful I am. Thank You Sharon. Highly recommended place to go.


Relax, Enjoy, Learn – The term “European Facial” conjures up all sorts of plushy, comforting, relaxing visions. And, that is part of what you will experience if you spend some time with Sharon. But, you will also receive skin care knowledge and guidance from the very best! Sharon has spent years analyzing clients’ skin problems and working through those problems to beautiful solutions. I have been a client of Sharon’s for more than 15 years. It’s no accident when people guess my age at 8-10 years younger than it is. Sharon’s straightforward and logical approach to skin care has really paid off for me.


I just visited Dzialo for the first time this weekend. I’ve only had about 8 facials in my life, and every one was followed by a week of painful redness and peeling. I have issues with dry, red skin – likely due to years of using harsh products. Sharon’s approach to skin care is completely different than anything I have ever experienced. Two days after my facial (and carefully following Sharon’s recommended at-home routine), my skin is calmer and brighter. I know the results will only get better with time, and I am convinced that her method works.

The facial began with an informative science lesson in skin care and Sharon explaining her approach and why it works. Then we got into the treatment – she uses these wonderful collagen fleeces that moisturized and soothed my sensitive skin. She also spent more time than anyone I’ve ever been to on extractions. Aside from some light redness from the extractions immediately following my appointment (which is to be expected), my skin looked great and felt so clean and fresh when I left. I purchased a starter kit of her product line after the appointment and she spent a lot of time making sure I understood how to use everything. I highly recommend her services!


I stumbled upon Dzialo Skin Care by accident and it has completely changed my life. I never had great skin, but had been suffering from sever acne for over a year due to complications with birth control. My face was inflamed with daily breakouts and constantly clogged pours. I was on medical grade acne products without seeing significant results. Using Sharon’s Dzialo Skin Care products, her non-friction methods, and amazing facials, I feel that I am getting a new lease on life. Not only is my acne and inflammation significantly improved, but I am also seeing old acne scars that I thought I would have for life disappear. Sharon has been so involved in my healing process, we have been experimenting with new treatment techniques that after only 3 weeks I am already seen noticeable accelerated healing. We have been documenting my progress since I began and it feels great to see the photographic evidence of how far I have come in only a few months. I was at first hesitant in regards to Sharon’s methods and branded products, but you can’t argue with results. Going to Dzialo has changed the way I treat my skin and for that I will be forever grateful.


Love her facials and skin care products. I have been using Dzialo skin care products for over a year now and can observe a noticeable difference which is hard to come by for someone with sensitive skin.



I was gifted a sample pack a few years ago. I was instantly in love!!! I have mild psoriasis on my face and struggled with finding something that helps. Dzialo’s products have greatly helped in soothing my skin and greatly reducing the annoying dry, flaky skin. My skin is soft and dewy now!! I also use it on the tops of my hands and lower neck, where dry skin tends to age the skin. Just remember, a little bit goes a long way!!! I usually need to re-order every 3 months, give or take. I’m a life long customer now!!! And the owner, Sharon, is a very easily accessible and caring person. She will call you or quickly respond to an email with any questions or concerns you may have. Before I placed my very first order, I asked to talk with her. She personally called me and gave me so much information and advise on her products and my own personal skin care. I’m not being paid for this review! I’m just a normal, real person, who really loves and supports this product!!!


Finding Sharon has been absolute God send. When I first came to Dzialo I arrived during Sharon’s lunch break, she insisted I stayed, and she began to share with me all her years of knowledge on skin and skincare regimes. A lot of what Sharon shared was hard for me to take in, because it went against everything I had been told my whole life by skincare experts (drying out of the skin, rinsing with hot water, use of benzyl peroxide etc). However, because of the many rave reviews I had seen, I was still determined to get her trial pack to take home with me and try. Within days of using her products, I began to notice differences in my skin. After one week of Dzialo products I scheduled a facial with her. The facial with Sharon was the most relaxing hour and a half. During the first part of the facial she took me step by step through her products and how to care for the skin. She showed me the art of cold compressing. It has now been close to a month since first starting Sharon’s skincare line, and my skin has never felt and looked this hydrated. I would recommend Dzialo to everyone of all ages. Thank you so much Sharon!


I have been coming to Sharon regularly for a little over two years now. I came to her with very clogged, very inflamed skin. It’s been a long journey that is not over yet but it has been worth it. I have learned how to reverse the damage and how to prevent it for the future. With that and regular facials so Sharon can unclog my pores safely my skin looks better than it ever has. Sharon has her own skin care line that she developed to aid in her gentle and less-is-more approach, and she continues to add new innovative products since I’ve been there. I spent my youth jumping from product to product to heal my ‘acne’, when in reality it was only a few spots that should have been left alone, and I managed to damage it by looking for a quick fix promised by all the brands. A quick fix is never a long term answer and in looking for a quick fix most of us spend years on it anyway. So if you’re ready for a change for something that can get you through the rest of your life without having to try anything else, then I recommend giving Sharon and her method a chance. She is a kind soul dedicated to spread her method and personally help everyone who walks through her door.


I’ve gone to Sharon at Dzialo Skin Care for facials two times so far and she is incredible! I had gone to a dermatologist for about two or three years and the creams that he prescribed exacerbated my skin issues. My skin was red, bumpy, flaky, and I was constantly breaking out. Sharon’s facials and products (I’ve been using the Clara cleanser, Rosa toner and Mira cream) have helped my skin so much already. It is already noticeably less red, dry, and bumpy and I’m less self conscious because my face looks clearer. I never would have used the harsh products from the dermatologist if I had known how much they were damaging and drying my skin. Sharon’s products are hydrating, revitalizing, and repairing and I am so glad that I discovered them and her!


Where do I start……I am not one to leave reviews, but Sharon at Dzialo Skin Care has changed my life. I have her listed in my phone as My Magic Skin Lady. I have been seeing her for about 4 months, the changes in my skin are incredible. I was skeptical at first of her method since it’s different from anything I have heard of or tried before. She encouraged me through the process as it is not a overnight fix. The skin needs time to heal. My face already looks years younger, my fine lines are gone, the texture has improved and my acne is way better. My face has a calm look, the collagen in my skin has improved too. My face now has that nice plump look that every women wants to have. I also love her products, she has been doing this for over 32 years and has made her own skin line with high quality natural ingredients, some of the products I used so far is Puro blemish cream this one has helped my acne , Mira Cream which is a lucious very hydrating cream that has helped with the fine lines and texture of my skin. Side note I tried Mira on my hands one evening because they where very dry , I could not believe how much better my hands where the next day. I also use a milky non foaming Face & Makeup cleanser called Trevi, I absolutely love how it cleans my face without drying it. I could go on and on as I have tried almost every single one of her products and they exceeded my expectations (I have high expectations LOL). Words cannot explain how grateful I am to Sharon. She will forever be My Magic Skin Lady! It is worth every dollar I spend there, I’m investing in healing my skin and having beautiful young looking skin without plastic surgery, botox etc…


Dzialo Skin Care: Facials and Skin Care in Portland, Oregon. Anti-aging products and facial treatments for all skin types: including dryness, sensitivity, rosacea, acne, or problem skin. Create strong, healthy skin and minimize the effects from environment, moisture loss, sun damage, and time. Correct dryness, refine pores and soften to plump lines and create beautiful skin color without harsh chemicals, scrubs, or machines. We educate on how to restore your skin back to its natural state, return confidence in aging, and end the suffering caused by acne. Dzialo Skin Care stands for undeniable beauty.





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