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Mira Cream Moisturizer

$ 55.00

50 ml 1 7/8 oz

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Mira Cream Moisturizer is designed to flood moisture into the epidermal layer (the top layer of your skin) to stimulate healthy turnover for a beautifully protected skin surface. Dzialo Skin Care technology has created a lightweight satiny cream moisturizer that is unscented and loved by all skin types. Supporting the natural anti-aging properties of the skin, Mira Cream Moisturizer targets to protect your skin’s moisture levels while softening lines, restoring hydration, and refining texture. Mira’s balanced ingredients protect without excessive oiliness or shine. Moisturizing the top layer of the skin creates a strong epidermal layer.  The stronger the epidermis, the more beautifully you age.  With a strong top layer, we can rely on the powerful restoration of the lower layers to keep our skin looking fresh, youthful, and smooth.

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