Thermophile Cream Moisturizer is a clear liquid cream moisturizer for all skin types, all ages, and works equally well in all different climates. Completely unique in its abilities to protect against the environment and allow deep restoration and hydration to occur.

AN AMAZING BARRIER is created on the skin’s surface from enzymes extracted from thermophiles. This in turn strengthens your skin’s ability to retain its own internal water content and health.

ELIMINATES DRYNESS and is totally compatible for every skin type, including acne.  This moisturizing liquid can create a beautiful complexion of calm and smoothness.

CAN BE USED ALONE DAY AND NIGHT or drops of Thermophile Cream may be added to Mira Cream Moisturizer.

THERMOPHILES are micro-organisms found in volcanic vents at the ocean floor and in geysers. Scientists have learned how to take advantage of their abilities to live in these extreme environments.This unique concept is that if they can survive in these extreme hot temperatures, then they will act as a barrier on your skin. You can read more about Thermophiles at Wikipedia.



Thermophile Cream can be used alone or by adding drops to Mira Cream Moisturizer. We highly recommend that you try beginning with adding the drops to Mira Cream Moisturizer, and then experiment with using it by itself. You would fill the dropper half way to use alone. It will take time for the product to settle on your skin, so we suggest you wait 10 minutes or so before applying tinted cream. This can increase the tackiness of the feel on your face, but you will never be dry using Thermophile Cream. It is oil-free. Wonderful for face and neck. Safe around the eyes.


Thermophile Cream Moisturizer Ingredients:
Dzialo Skin Care has chosen to keep this formula extremely simple in order to allow full benefit of the Thermus ingredient. Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Aqua, Thermus thermophilus ferment, Phenoxythanol, Tetrasodium EDTA.

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