Rosa Toner is a delicately scented non-astringent Rose-Hip Facial Toner for all skin types. Excellent for dry, sensitive, and problem skin.  Its beautifully simple formula is non drying and completely soothing.  Rosa Toner can be used alone for a quick refreshing clean feel. Also use twice a day directly after using Clara Face Cleanser.

NEVER DRYING and easily absorbed for healing and calming.  Rosa Facial Toner is totally moisturizing and restorative.

ROSA FACIAL SKIN TONER  IS TOTALLY SUPPORTIVE. Your skin will be restored. Calming to sensitivities and dryness. Creates a soothed tissue that will respond to your kindness.

BENEFITS EVERY SKIN TYPE.Your skin is your second most complicated organ next to your brain. Using Rosa Facial Toner sends soothing messages through the nerve endings of your skin. Simple concepts producing a powerful result.


TONERS ARE OFTEN MISUNDERSTOOD.  We tend to think of them as astringents and cleansers. With the Dzialo Skin Care method, it is absolutely not necessary to use any products with a drying side effect. Even for the most problematic skins. But imagine your skin under a microscope. Visualize the effect of Rosa Toner’s pure soothing liquid being absorbed. Rosa Facial Toner hydrates the epidermal cells. These cells make up the top layer of your skin. The more hydrated your skin becomes, the less red your skin will appear. The more your skin will glow.

Use Rosa Facial Toner after removing Clara Face Cleanser with a sea silk sponge. Fill a small cotton ball with Rosa Facial Toner and glide the cotton ball across your skin. Without dragging and never rubbing. Feel its gentle and soothing effects. It is not necessary to remove Rosa. Do not let Rosa Toner air dry before applying Mira Cream Moisturizer and/or Thermophile Cream Moisturizer.


Rosa Toner Ingredients:
Aqua, Rosa damascena (Rose Distilate), Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Tetrasodium EDTA, Citric Acid.

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