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  • 1 Trevi Face and Makeup Cleanser @ 1 oz.
  • 1 Convertimini Serum @ 1/3 oz.
  • 1 Rosa Toner @ 1 oz.
  • 1 Thermophile Cream @ 1/3 oz.
  • 1 Mira Cream @ 1/3 oz.
  • 1 Puro Cream @ 1/3 oz.


DO YOUR BEST to avoid getting  your face wet in the shower.  Tilt your head back when rinsing your hair.

COOL YOUR SKIN – before using our products Cold Compress.  Saturate a bamboo/cotton washcloth, gently wring out excess so it is not dripping and hold up to your face for 1 to 2 minutes.

AVOID FRICTION -no rubbing in of creams or cleansers.  As much as possible avoid touching your face with your hands, phone, hair, coat collars, jewelry, bike straps, ear bud wires, etc.

GENTLY PAT ON CREAMS – Then after 1 to 2 months we will explain to you how to gently massage the skin with creams at night.

MAKEUP APPLICATION should be done without friction.  Gently pat on.  Try a soft makeup sponge.

MAKEUP REMOVAL should also be done without friction.  Allow the Trevi Cleanser to soften the bond of the makeup to the skin.  DO NOT use force to remove it.

SWEATING AND EXERCISE – be careful not to rub sweat off your face.  Gently pat it away.  Cold Compress after exercise to reduce heat build up before cleansing.

GET REGULAR FACIALS – Once a month facials are considered excellent for maintenance for healthy skin.  If you have clogging that you need removed, you can come more often.  In general every 2 weeks works well for dealing with excessive clogging.  Extraction (manual clearing of pores) is essential for reducing pore size.

SLOWLY INTRODUCE PRODUCTS – trust the system and trust in your body to respond to the care.  Be patient and consistent.  Your skin will gently unfold its beauty to you.

NEW CLIENTS BEGIN WITH 3 products and then gradually add in the other products.  Regime is done morning and evening.

  1.  COLD COMPRESS for 1 to 2 minutes.
  2. TREVI: Use 8 to 10 pumps of Trevi.  Pat on.  Add cool water with your fingertips.  With your fingertips lightly move the product and NOT your skin.  NO Friction.  Pat off gently to remove with cool washcloth.
  3. CONVERTIMINI SERUM:  Shake the bottle and pat on a quarter size of Convertimini  Serum.  Allow to absorb for one minute.
  4. PURO CREAM:  Pat on Puro Cream day and night.
  5. MIRA CREAM:  After 10 days try Mira Cream day and night.  For problem areas of redness and/or blemishes continue to use Puro alone or layer under the Mira Cream.  If you have problem skin, it is fine to use Puro on a continuous basis.  Once you are comfortable with these 4 products you can add in the remaining products.
  6. THERMOPHILE CREAM:  Add  1 to 2 drops of Thermophile Cream to the Mira.  (Begin with the night and then try during the daytime.  Thermophile Cream can also be used alone by adding extra drops.
  7. ROSA TONER:  Finally add Rosa Toner.  Saturate a cotton ball with Rosa to gently remove any residue of Clara.  Do not use friction.  Let absorb for 1 minute.  Pat on Convertimini and let absorb and then pat on creams.


  1. Cold Compress
  2. Trevi Face and Makeup Cleanser
  3. Convertimini Serum
  4. Rosa Toner
  5. Mira Cream
  6. Pure Cream – Optional – use alone or layer under Mira Cream.
  7. Thermophile Cream – add drops to Mira Cream or use alone.

Dzialo Skin Care and its method will change your skin gradually over time.   It will become smoother and the lines will be softer.  Pores will be more refined.  Your skin will glow.  You will love your skin.

If clogged pores are of a concern for you, then facials can, over time, correct them with extraction.  Of course this must be done within the framework of our guidance.  Our guidance will be based on The Dzialo Skin Care method and products.  We hope you understand that as when your Android phone is broken – you don’t go to the Apple Store to get it fixed.  If you do not live in Portland I can guide you on questions to ask when seeking an esthetician to help you with extraction.

Infections, in our experience, are definitely related to the depth of damage to the epidermis from drying and exfoliating.  As your skin becomes less dry and damaged the infections will be smaller and heal more quickly.  They will not simply go away instantly – nothing in the body heals instantly – but gradually and with gentle care it will dramatically improve.

The Dzialo Skin Care Method and Products have developed from over 35 years of experience.  It is what we have found to be true and consistent.  Thank you for your time in reading about our Skin Wisdom.

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