UNBELIEVABLY SOFT  and absorbent for cold compressing and cleansing.  Due to the bamboo content of these luxurious washcloths you are able to keep the skin cool with little effort.  They will hold an incredible amount of water without dripping. Cooling the skin is essential for the Dzialo Method of Skin Care.  These are the best washcloths I have ever used.

BEAUTIFULLY MADE IN TURKEY they remain soft with washing and drying.




Always gently remove your eye makeup first with eye makeup remover (I prefer to use cotton swabs so as not to pull on the eye area).  Then before cleansing use the bamboo washcloth to cold compress and take down the heat in your skin.  Wet with cold water – in the summer time if the water is running warm in your home, you may want to refrigerate some water.  Wring out just enough to prevent dripping. Fold over and place on your face and hold there for a minute or two.  You will feel this amazing fresh sensation.  When your cheeks feel nice and cool then begin with your Clara Cleanser.  Use the washcloth to gently pat off the cleanser as well.  Avoid all rubbing. and your skin will love you for it.

Content and Care

43% Rayon Bamboo.  57% Cotton  Machine Wash warm with Similar Colors and Tumble Dry Low.  Bleach not recommended.  Avoid Contact with products containing Benzoyl Peroxide.

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