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Some History


In 1986 Sharon Dzialo began her career as an esthetician.  For many years in her facial salon, she used a French line of skin care and then one from Germany.  Both lines were of high quality. As she sought to understand how skin heals, she eventually outgrew the results of these lines and in frustration decided to create her own skin care line of beautiful-aging-acne skin care products. Starting with Thermophile Cream and growing slowing into the completed line Dzialo Skin Care has proven to be worth the many years of intense dedication to understanding how skin heals.The end result is that Dzialo Skin Care works for beautiful-aging and acne with equal simplicity and gorgeous results.

Whether your concern is dryness, sensitivity, aging, or acne, everyone’s skin is intended to restore.   Your skin will do everything it can to restore itself because for human survival it is essential to have a strong healthy skin.

Sharon Dzialo has created a method and skin care products that work universally.  Dzialo Skin Care has transcended treating the symptoms.  Detailed instruction is provided to ensure the maximum benefit.  Sharon works closely with her clients to help them use Dzialo Skin Care products properly so as to enable the powerful restorative process.

The results will speak for themselves.  Not an instant quick fix, but healing for your skin’s lifetime.  Smooth skin without using harsh chemicals, exfoliants, or brushes.  Gorgeous rich natural color.  Softer lines and smaller pores.

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