For those of you suffering with problem skin, please rest assured.  With over 35 years of experience, I have a long history of successful treatment. See my Handwritten Thank You Notes and Reviews  from many clients who have seen their skin transform from Dzialo Skin Care.


Problem skin is sensitive and vulnerable. To ease anxiety and stress on you and your skin, you are carefully guided in your treatment from your current regime to Dzialo Skin Care and the Dzialo Method.



Extraction of the pores is an essential to change the size of the pores and reduce blemishes. Extraction is done with awareness of the senstivity of problem skin. If you do not live in Portland, please call 503 223 8901. I am happy to give you information over the telephone.



Without brushes, scrubs or chemicals, Dzialo Skin Care will soften your skin into smoothness without irritation or increased sensitivity. It will smooth roughness of the pores through a unique softening method. for a smoother skin that will last throughout your lifetime.


Skin blemishes will decrease and become less deep and less painful. They wil be far less likely to leave acne scarring, and the remnants of previous spots will fade more rapidly.  Dzialo Skin Care creates a strong and healthy epidermis – which is the key to preventing blemishes from occurring


The road to recovery is balanced with the proper amount of extraction, maintaining hydration, and soothing the irritation of your skin. I can offer you a $65.00 Trial Pack that will provide  you the information and guidance to continue the proper regime at home. For new customers I also offer a set of complimentary samples.   Please read more at the Facials page.


Finding Hope

We are here to help you and inspire you to feel hope and certainty for the future. Acne is an affliction that we understand, and we appreciate the bitterness of despair often felt from years of suffering. We invite you to visit Google Plus, Yelp, Citysearch for reviews.

Why Choose Us

Dedicated & Professional Team

“Thank you for starting the revolution on skincare. I continue to be amazed by the transformation of my face. Thank you for all that you do!”  Heather S.

The Simplicity

“After a lifetime of skin problems – acne, oily, redness – you name it, I now earn compliments on my skin!  The best part is my skin care routine is so much simpler than ever before.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  Sincerely, Jan”

Outstanding Skin Care Products

“Your Dzialo products are the only thing that have given me my beautiful skin and face back.  My confidence, beauty, and self worth shine through!  I will be forever grateful!” Andrea


Many of you may be tempted to treat your acne at home – I understand why.  But, from my many years of experience, I have found that without professional advice, your acne may be only temporarily relieved. My concern is that you will only dry away the symptoms of the disease and not put it on a path to final healing. I do offer some basic advice on my Home Acne Skin Care page that will definitely get you on the right path.


dzialo skin care acne changes
dzialo skin care acne

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